Tuesday, 3 March 2015

[Review] Sunburn on iOS

Everyone has their own source of entertainment. Some of my friends dubbed themselves as movie-buff, while others called themselves binge-eater. As for myself, I've always been a big reader. However, since high school my fascination toward literature shifted into games, especially phone games. As an owner of iPhone since 2011, I am used to simple mechanism but gorgeous graphic that usually can be found in iOS games. Today, I'm gonna share my review of Sunburn [$0.99 for a limited time] !

I read somewhere that this game was launched when 'Gravity' became a hype, so therefore, the background story is quite familiar. You have to avoid worse situation than a collision between your spaceship and a asteroid, dying alone. Your job as a captain is to collect your starship crews and hurl into the sun together (yes, it's a suicidal game, I know). However, it's easier said than done. As a captain you have to collect your crews with limited amount of oxygen. The crews are scattered and to get close to them, you have to use your jet (which take the oxygen quota). This game is consisted of 60 levels and the difficulties varies quite randomly. I can beat some levels under like 15 secs but for other levels? Sometimes it takes days to beat it.

What I like : the graphic (cute 8-bit things always got me) , the witty-sometimes-out-of-the-world responses from the crews (love that the developer put their efforts into writing them), the background music and effects, not to mention the science ! You can't get too close to sun or other stellar things as you will be pulled toward it by the gravity.

What I dislike : the control. It's quite hard to control the captain and according to reviews on iTunes, people feel that too. I'm not sure that it's a glitch, which means the hardship is intentional. However it will be nice and less frustrating if we are able to gain more control of the movements.